Space Table Symphony


Best Music Video

Directed by
Mayk Azzato

  • Overview

Music Video Film from the BigCityBeats Space Club Kitchen in cooperation with European Spaceagency.

The music video for the 'Space Table Symphony' was scripted and filmed by the German director Mayk Azzato.
Matthias Maurer is a german ESA astronaut and our main character in this project. He is currently on the Iss for his mission 'Cosmic Kiss'. Besides many experiments that he is doing in space, he will be cooking and playing a DJ set for us from outter space.

Everybody on earth can join the stream and cook with Matthias at the same time.

David Garrett is the main character in our 'Space Table Symphony', a symphony that was written by Bernd Breiter and recorded with David Garrett and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra.

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