Brussels International Film Festival 

Festival takes place annually at the end of August in Brussels, Belgium. The Festival consists of a main program and four sub-programs.
BIFF include of a competition program and several special programs: 

screenings, a co-production market, international screenwriting competition, meetings, workshops on acting and casting, production design and much more. The organizers want to show all the inhabitants of Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands the best masterpieces of world cinema, which will please audiences of all ages.


  • International competition program of short films
  • International feature film competition program

  • First Feature Competition
  • Student Films Competition
  • Screenplay Competition
  • Animation Competition 
  • Out-of-competition information programs, retrospectives and special presentations


Participants are selected in one of the 4 preseasons before entering the main festival program. Every 3-4 months we will collect entries, award prizes, and invite the seasonal winners to the annual event.


The festival's mission is to showcase the best feature, short and animated films of all genres from cutting edge talents and bold visionaries across the world

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