Ferretti brothers vs Real Madrid


Best First Feature Film

Directed by
Roberto Costantini

  • Overview

Achille is an aqua aerobics teacher with a past as waterpolo international player. He lives near Perugia and at the age of 43 still dreams to became a sport champion, no matter the sport. He is very good at miniature golf, so when he discovers that miniature golf is an actual sport his hope rise again. What he needs to have a real chance to become a champion in minigolf is the mathematical help of his brother Ferruccio. He was a maths professor in America and he just quitted his job and got back home after having a psychic breakdown. The brothers don't see each other since their mother's funeral 18 years ago. For Achille to win the miniature golf tournament they will have to reconnect and be a team again as when, as children, they were challenging the great Real Madrid.

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