Best Feature Script

Written by
d. b. Roderick

  • Overview

"Olvidado" This timely narrative that breaks with convention, is crafted from real-life events. The compelling, distinctive stories are told through FOUR NARRATIVES: Nyles Silva, an African American documentarian acclaimed for his award-winning television work; Alejandra Sanchez, a Mexican American Border Patrol Agent grappling with conflicts of duty and heritage; Noah Rodriguez, a Coyote embroiled in the dangerous realm of human smuggling; and Gabriel Alvarez, an 18-year-old street-smart prostitute surviving in Mexico. These stories unfurl against the volatile backdrop of the Southwest border between Mexico and the U.S. in 2000, just before the world-shaping event of 9/11.

Each character in "Olvidado" embarks on a personal journey across the border, driven by their unique motivations, aspirations, circumstances, and outcomes for crossing the border. As their paths intersect, they undergo profound changes, offering a deep exploration of life, liberty, happiness, and the unrelenting pursuit of a better life.

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